Women’s Events

Join us for an upcoming event! Every six weeks SOFIA sponsors a Women’s Event which is open to anyone who wants to gain complimentary access to our women’s curriculum. Join us any one of these evenings to be inspired to tap your potential as a woman leader and to network with other women looking to do the same.

The Transformational Power of Sisterhood
with Sahar Malik and Dr. Karen Terry

You’ve heard it before: networking is key to a successful life.

It’s true—networks are how we create and navigate possibilities. And yet, if you’re a woman, there’s one element more. The most successful women, researchers find, have a second network – a close-knit circle of trusted female peers on which they rely. This is their “brain trust,” their safe space—the confidants and allies they turn to for encouragement, for answers, for comfort, and for tough truths when needed.

Join us on April 27 and make sisterhood one of your tools for transformation. We’ll talk about what true sisterhood is—and isn’t—and help you understand what it can do for you as a woman learning to live according to feminine values. You’ll leave seeing that the most valuable asset in your life might just be the women you know…and you’ll have a vision for weaving more sisterhood into your days.

When: Tuesday, April 27
8:15PM – 9:30 ᴍ ᴄᴛ

Where: Event will be a webinar

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Woman’s Essential Experience Weekend

Join us for three heart-opening, spirit-raising, transformational days that will deeply challenge you and leave you massively inspired about your power and your journey as a woman.

Discover what it means to be a woman in the world today while you learn powerful skills to take charge of your life and re-discover the essential you.

The Wright Foundation has significant experience bringing high-touch experiences to high-tech setups, to give you an inspiring, soul-stirring experience right from your home or wherever you are.

This weekend will be online

When: Friday, May 21 – Sunday, May 23

Where: Event will be a webinar

Price: Before April 15: $395  ($895 value!)
April 15 to May 5: $445
May 6 and beyond: $495

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In-Depth Training

If you are interested in more in-depth training, the first step is to develop yourself more fully as a person. A powerful introductory experience to any training at the Wright Foundation is the MORE LIfe training, an overview and introduction to the Year of MORE program.